gotta dance

“you gotta dance…”
“as long as the music plays you gotta dance”

like a broken record those words keep echoing through my mind.
“you gotta dance…”
but i need them..need those words badly
keep on dancing…. i gotta keep on dancing….
so i would drag my feet back to the dance floor,
tumbled into the deep embrace of music.
“i gotta dance…”

but it’s getting more and more difficult to dance
i felt so heavy that i’d be out of breath just too soon.
it’s not easy to dance
with fatigue clinging tight to your ankle isn’t it?
shake it off! sang the music
shake it off and come dance to me.

and i’d try my best to wriggle out of fatigue’s grip
and keep up with the music.
i didn’t ever care of how i dance anymore.
as long as i stayed on the floor.
“you gotta dance…”
“as long as the music plays you gotta dance”

but is the music still playing?
it’s drifting away i could hardly hear it  anymore…
how am i supposed to dance now?
“but you gotta dance…gotta keep on dancing”
“stop now and it will be the end of you”

but i can’t hear the music playing…
can’t hear it…
all i can do now is keep breathing….
keep breathing….

(with some phrases borrowed from dance dance dance by haruki murakami and ingrid michaelson’s keep breathing)

2 thoughts on “gotta dance

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