it’s empty.
the space besides her name where she used to put the crafted words is empty.
been empty for too long.
she switched to another tab.
there she was entitled to 140 characters. but couldn’t come up with any. not even 1.
so she left it empty.
she shook her bag until the big sketchbook fell opened.
it’s empty.
blank white pages stared hard at her.
she averted her eyes and opened another tab.
clicked the add new post menu.
it’s definitely empty.
time went by. she bit her nails.
and the page’d still be empty.
the vertical line blinked incesantly. patiently.
she blinked back at it restlessly.
she rapped her fingers on the desk and flicked open another tab.
an empty box showed up.
along with that nagging question what’s on your mind?
that’s when it finally hit her,
there’s nothing on her mind!
it’s empty….!

horrified she’s whipped herself up.
raked her brain hoping to find anything. anything at all.
rummaged through the labyrinth of her heart.
there’s no labyrinth!
turned out the heart was just a dark wide gap inside her.
she tore the soul open with all her might.
turned it upside down.
shook it violently. clank! clank!

succumbed she put the soul back in its place.
and dragged the broken disintegrated container of her to the street.
like the tin woodman or the scarecrow of Oz-wishing to find replacement for their missing parts-
off she went to find something to fill her empty spaces.
she just hoped that she’d be any luckier than the poor scarecrow
and find something better than hay-straw to stuff into her.

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