on the radio I heard a song about the place.

I’m weightless
I’m a burden to this water
I’m restless
I sit tight in the crater

You.. The villain who swallowed the light
You’d be drown in your own laughter
While waiting the birds taking flight
You…the ravens peck your heart for shelter
For there’s nowhere else to hide

They tell you lunacy has a daughter
And you smile. For you knew her alright

I’m a wanderer
I’m an easy prey to gravity
You… You are no better
You who pull your teeth off of sanity

Who gave you direction to that place?
Where long ago we shed our recklessness?
South of the sun, away from grace
Where lilies and poppies are faceless
A tiny-slip away from where boredom laze
The boring call it Madness

Guess I’ll see you there


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