I am
I am not
I am pierrot the clown
I am the bird on your windowsill
I am that tangy twinge in red velvet
I am that streak of blue on the yellow sunlight
I am senseless
I am the lake which bottom you can’t see
I am nowhere
I am the villain who drilled your heart for shelter
I am the dancer
I am the taste of sea that sleeps on your tongue
I am the milk that had been spilled
I am that scent that comes before rain
I am the piece of shiny surface that reflects your image
I am patch of dried tears on your cheeks
I am the gum stuck at the heels of your shoes
I am not the girl you misses much
I am scared
I am the chill that gives you goose bump
I am the leaf that brush your feet on my way to the sewer
i am tired
despite everything i am
still you don’t know me


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